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Cleveland Storrs

The guy behind the photo-cartoon mash-up on the front page of this week’s CityBeat

By Kinsee Morlan


Artist Cleveland Storrs is pretty straightforward about his process.                                                                                                        photo: Maia Beh


Storrs’ piece on the cover of CityBeat this week, “Even Old Kids Like Dan’s Dancing,” was part of a series he did while living in New England.

Storrs (clevelandstorrs.com) just got back from a five-week trip that took him through significant points in his past. He took his Nikon and went back to the San Francisco Art Institute, where he studied painting in the ’60s; he visited Ansel Adams’ studio in Yosemite, where he once studied with the famed photographer; and he stopped by Oregon, where he was born.



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